Quality forged by experience

For more than 50 years, Bombard participated in expeditions all over the world: Cape Horn, Bering Strait, Patagonia, shooting of the “Oceans” movie in extreme conditions…
These adventures represent an essential test bench for the development of our boats.
Since then, this passion for nature has become our philosophy, a surprisingly modern one. All Bombard boats are the concrete expression of this. Our products are indeed made for action, adventure, the discovery of spaces but also to enable professionals to work in the best conditions.
A Bombard™ boat is first of all a boat made for the sea – functional, safe, strong and reliable: there is no kidding with the sea. This absolute rigor in the conception and building of our boats doesn’t keep us from also offering equipment to make life on board easier and to do all sea activities: diving, skiing, wakeboarding, fishing, spearfishing, etc.