With its compact size, useful choice of floors, welded buoyancy tube assembly and proven reliability, AX is a complete range of tenders that can’t fail to win you over!
Owners of small sailing boats and sailors keen to optimise space on their boats will also like it for its ease of set-up: stowed on the deck or stored in its carrying bag, its light weight and compact size make it very discreet.

Product + Points - Light weight, small dimensions for storage
- Aluminium engine mounting plate, Aerotec floor
- Inflatable keel (depending on model), slatted floor
- Two hand-pumps (AX 2 Roll Up)

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A practical, economical tender
Maximum choice, minimum size
Spacious, tough and comfortable
Typhoon Ax Max
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Rib Rib with folding transom
Max Rib
The High-Volume tender
Ax Compact
RIB, foldable and efficient
Max Rib Ax Compact
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